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The Blue Ridge Council Serves 8 Counties in the Upstate (Abbeville, Anderson, Greenville, Greenwood, Laurens, Newberry, Oconee, Pickens). The 8 Counties are split into 10 Districts. Each District is represented by a District Executive. When looking for information about Scouting, your first source of information should be the Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Leader, Post Adviser, etc. with whom you or your child works.

If this person cannot help you and your inquiry concerns, or you are looking for information on Scouting Programs in your area, you can contact your local District Executive. You can also use the "Be a Scout" Website to locate the nearest Pack, Troop, Crew or Post to your home.

If you are not sure who to contact, please refer to the Zip Code Coverage Guide to determine who is the local District Executive in your area.

The list below shows the Blue Ridge Council staff members who are responsible for each area, please refer to the zip code coverage to determine who you should contact. Many of the council staff are available at the Service Center in Greenville; the receptionist can give you the phone number for any others.

Service Center phone numbers are
(864) 233-8363 or 800-277-2724.
Fax: (864) 233-2424.

Blue Ridge Council

One Park Plaza
Greenville,SC 29607

Blue Ridge Council Leadership
Please refer to zip code coverage guide to determine who you should contact.
CLICK HEREto see a map of Blue Ridge Council Districts

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Mike Butler

Scout Executive
Robert Johnson

Director of Field Services
Matt Kubler

Program Director
Matt Kubler is responsible for all properties including the Scout Service Center, Camp Old Indian and any other camp properties. Also responsible for council training events, Summer Camp Programs, Day Camps and Cub Parent Campouts.

District Executive
 Reedy Falls District
(Central Greenville County)

Alexander Barclay is responsible for the operations of the Reedy Falls District
 Reedy Falls Zip Codes -29605, 29607, 29609, 29615, 29601, 29613
Eric Black

Field Director
South Service Area
Eric Black serves the District Executives of Long Cane, Saluda River, Six & Twenty, and Southbounder Districts


 Saluda River District
(Laurens and Newberry Counties)

Eric Black is responsible for the operations of the Saluda River District

 Saluda River Zip Codes- 29360, 29108, 29325, 29645, 29127, 29384, 29178, 29075, 29351, 29126, 29332, 29370, 29145, 29037, 29355
Mike Prachar

Field Director
North Service Area
Mike Prachar serves the District Executives of Foothills, Pickens, Oconee, and Reedy Falls Districts
Mike Prachar

Oconee District
(Oconee County plus
the town of Clemson)
Mike Prachar is responsible for the operations of the Oconee District
Oconee Zipcodes -29678, 29693, 29691, 29672,
29631, 29676, 29689, 29696,
29643, 29664, 29686, 29658,

Thomas Beach

District Executive
Pickens District

(Pickens County plus Anderson
School District 1)

Thomas Beach is responsible for the operations of the Pickens District
Pickens  -29640, 29642, 29671, 29657,
29630, 29683, 29685, 29667,

Adam Owens

Field Director
Six & Twenty District
(Anderson County)

Adam Owens is responsible for the operations of the Six & Twenty District

Six & Twenty Zip codes -29621, 29625, 29627, 29624,
29669, 29626, 29697, 29654,
29655, 29670, 29684

Dwayne Skinner
 Southbounder District
(Southern Greenville County)
Dwayne Skinner is responsible for the operations of the Southbounder District
Southbounder Zip Codes -29681, 29673, 29680, 29644, 29662, 29692
Mike Prachar

 Foothills District
(Northern Greenville County)

Mike Prachar is responsible for the operations of the Foothills District
Foothills Zip Codes -29687, 29651, 29611, 29650,
29617, 29690, 29661, 29635, 29688

Jeff Mason
Long Cane District
(Greenwood and
Abbeville Counties)

Jeff Mason is responsible for the operations of the Long Cane  District
Long Cane Zip Codes - 29646, 29649, 29620, 29666, 29653, 29628, 29638, 29639

Blue Ridge Council Staff Advisers

Use this list to determine who you should contact for a specific Council related activity. If you are not sure who you are looking for, call the Scout Service Center at (864) 233-8363.
Advancement Eric Black
BALOO/Webelos Outdoor Trainings Eric Black
Boy Scout Leader Training (Leader Specific) Matt Kubler
Boy Scout Leader Training (Outdoor Skills) Matt Kubler
Summer Camp Reservations (Camp Old Indian) Traci Bridwell
Summer Camp Director (Camp Old Indian) Matt Kubler
Camp Equipment Loan Closet Dwayne Skinner
Camp Properties Matt Kubler
Campmaster Program Matt Kubler
Canoe, Conference Center, and Camp Permits Matt Kubler
Capital Campaign Mike Butler
Commissioners Training/College Robert Johnson
Cub Parent Weekends Matt Kubler
Cub Scout Day Camp Matt Kubler
Cub Scout Resident Camp Matt Kubler
Den Chief Training Matt Kubler
Endowment Mike Butler
District Activities Registration Traci Bridwell
Explorer Activities Dwayne Skinner
Investment Committee and Finance Mike Butler
JROTC Explorer Weekend/Events Dwayne Skinner
Junior Leader Training Camp (NYLT) Matt Kubler
Membership Registration Traci Bridwell

2013 National Jamboree

Camping Program Reservations
Traci Bridwell

Traci Bridwell
Order of the Arrow  Matt Kubler
Philmont Eric Black
Popcorn Robert Johnson
Pow Wow Dwayne Skinner
Council Communications Eric Goodwin
Scouting for Food Matt Kubler
ScoutReach - Multicultural Diversity Program Dwayne Skinner
Training Matt Kubler
Venture Training, Activities, and Camp Dwayne Skinner
Video Checkout Traci Bridwell
Wood Badge Jonathan Runge
Youth and Adult Registration Traci Bridwell
Youth Protection Issues Mike Butler

Accounting Specialist Lisa McElhannon

Camp Arrowhead Ranger Guy Williams

Camp Old Indian Ranger Josh Hipps

Finance Secretary Robin Mullinax

Office Manager Linda Thompson

Program Director Matt Kubler

Registrar Traci Bridwell


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