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Internet Advancement

Internet Advancements Get Connected to the Council 

On May 1, 2017, the Blue Ridge Council will move to 100% online advancements.  Currently, 60% of our units are already taking advantage of this wonderful tool and we want to make it part of our day-to-day program for all of our Scout units.

 The online advancement software is easily managed through my.scouting.org. Plus, since it is available through the Boy Scouts of America, it also interfaces with other Scouting advancement software such as Scout book, Troopmaster, and Packmaster.

 As the Council advancement chair, I feel this move is essential for our units to ensure accurate records in the Scout office.  What you enter in the system is also what shows up in the Council's database so there is no confusion or missing information, especially during that valuable Eagle Scout time.

 We are in the process of training the leadership in each of our Districts to better understand online advancement so they can help you move to online advancements for your unit.  Plus, up to and after the May 1 date, the staff at the Council Service Center is there to support you and walk you through the process.

 I'm looking forward to this new step to help make a better Scouting experience for all involved!

 Remember, just as Scouts deserve well-trained leaders, they also deserve excellent record keeping.

Yours in Scouting,

 Paul Winston

Blue Ridge Council Advancement Chair