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Off-Season Camp Reservation System


Effective immediately, the "paper" Council Facilities Permit (aka camp reservations) has been replaced by an on-line reservation system. This will expedite your ability to not only reserve weekend camping but also choose your campsite/cabin.  The system is similar to State Park, National Forest, and National Park online systems. You will get confirmation via e-mail (the next day) as will all others associated with the Camp: Council Office, Camp Ranger and Campmaster Coordinator.

Tips for the new system: 

  • On the first page, you will need to know your District, unit type and number.

  • On the second page, your only choice for camps will be Old Indian (see below) and you will choose your arrival date, the number of nights, and an estimate of numbers. Then you check availability.

  • Camps Carroll Brown and White Pines are not available in the drop down list as they are both closed for now due to pending road repair and construction.

  • Camp Arrowhead will be added to the online choices by February.

  • Camp Old Indian has all campsites (hit the right facing arrow next to campsites to see them all) and cabins open for reservations as well as shelters, the ranges (with proper certification) and some activity areas.

  • You can make a reservation up to 10 months in advance (out of council, five months).

  • Weekends are already blocked if they are holiday weekends (all Camps closed) or major conflicts: OA Fellowship, Cub-Parent weekends, Camporees, Training Weekends (OLS, Woodbadge) etc.  The site will not allow you to reserve campsites/cabins those weekends. If you need to see why, check the council calendar on council website--Do NOT call the council office/ranger for an exception-it will NOT be granted.

  • Reservations are first come, first served so if the site you want has an "x" during the weekend you want it, choose another.

  • The Quartermaster entry under Camp Old Indian is for equipment you might rent--presently just the canoes and trailer and there is an existing charge for them.

  • Reservations cannot be made LESS THAN FIVE DAYS in Advance-Do NOT call the council office/ranger for an exception-it will NOT be granted.

  • There is NO CHARGE at present for campsites/cabins/shelters and your total will be $0. Canoe rental has the standard charge of $20 per day and that will occur on checkout.

  • You will be asked to verify that you have read the Camp Policies at checkout. 

  • The last screen allows you to review your reservation; click on this and print out for your files; you will also receive a confirmation e-mail with this information and you will receive an e-mail 4 days before your reservation reminding you.