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The following page contains information on the Blue Ridge Council Trail's End Popcorn Sale. More information will be added as it becomes available. All posted information is current.
Popcorn Sale 2014
Popcorn Guide 2014
Kernel Club Form - Drawing for an Apple iPad
Popcorn Brochure
Popcorn Order Form

End of Sale Forms 2014
$600 Club Qualifiers Worksheet .doc  .pdf
$800 Club Qualifiers Worksheet  .doc  .pdf
$1000 Club Order Form  .doc  .pdf
Useful Web links:
Trail's End Home Page: Click Here

***Useful email Addresses for Trail's End***
-Scholarship questions email
-Popcorn System or Traditional Sale info email
-Online Selling info email

Be sure to include the following information in your email:
Full Name
Council Name
Unit Type and Number
Detailed information about your inquiry

Show & Sell vs. Show & Deliver – What’s the difference?
Show & Deliver
Is designed to be done just like the normal "take order” sale, with one difference – it SAVES TIME!
Each Seller is given a pre-allotted amount of popcorn.
The Seller goes door-to-door, etc. to sell the popcorn.
AFTER the sale is made the seller says something like "I happen to have that product out in my car right now, would you like to pay for the product and take delivery immediately?”
If the customer says yes, the youth takes the payment and makes sure to mark the customer as "delivered” on the Take-Order form.
It is important to NOT TAKE THE PRODUCT TO THE DOOR, because the seller will eventually run out of one or all of the items, and the customer should not make their decision based on what the seller is "holding in their hands.”
For every item that is delivered that is one customer/house that the Seller & Parent’s DON’T have to make another trip to deliver the popcorn in a few weeks…save time, gas, and effort!
Show & Sell
Is designed to be done as a "see the product before you buy” sale. It can be done in front of retail locations, at church dinners/functions, sporting events, anywhere there would be a "crowd” of consumers. Some Show-n-Sell tips:

Chose the location to do the Show-n-Sell carefully. Keep in mind that when consumers go to the store they are typically looking for a bargain/good deal. Other types of functions might target people who are more "donation/charity-minded.”

Be mindful of the products that are made available for the Show-n-Sell. Are you trying to sell more items at a lower price point, or less items at a higher price point?

Be sure to make clear to the consumer that approx. 70% of the purchase price of the product goes to support LOCAL SCOUTING. They are not just making a product purchase, they are also making a DONATION to support the development of our youth.

Keys to Success

- Sell the Scouting program First — People are buying the program, with Popcorn as the program receipt.

- Make it FUN! If the sale is a fun part of the youth’s program experience, sales will increase.

- Communicating to EVERYONE in the Scouting Family (Leaders, Parents, Scouts…) is imperative. Let everyone know the importance of the sale and what the benefits are.

- Push "Take Order Form” sales — This will result in increased Container Sales and ultimately higher total sales.


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