Camp Cards

Help Scouts Earn Their Way to Camp With CAMP CARDS!

The Blue Ridge Council is proud to announce the 2023 Camp Card sale to help our Scouts earn their way to the adventures of Scouting. Scouts have the opportunity to help themselves attend one of many camps offered at Camp Old Indian. These adventures include summer camp, Cub Scout day camp, National Youth Leadership Training, and the Cub Scout family encampment. Units who participate in the Camp Card sale can earn up to 50% commission or even MORE with the BONUS CARD incentive.


Community Partners

With Ingles, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Palmetto State Armory, Carolina Fresh Farms, and dozens of local businesses in your area are some of the amazing partners that have joined the Camp Card program. With partners like these, the 2023 Camp Cards is an easy decision. Take advantage of these offers to help your Scouts attend a camping activity in the Blue Ridge Council!

When your unit has decided to sell, take these important steps:

1.2023 Camp Card Leader Guide

2. Current Camp Card Offers

3. Determine a unit Camp Card sales goal and fill out the 2023 Unit Commitment Form

4. Meet with your district executive and turn in the Camp Cards Issued Receipt to pick up your Camp Cards. If your unit is making the 1,000 Camp Card commitment for 60% commission, turn in the 1000 Camp Cards Issued Receipt.

5. Distribute Camp Cards to your Scouts using these tracking tools:

6. Make sure each Scout/parent turns in the Youth Camp Card Receipt!

7. When your unit is ready to settle their Camp Cards with the council, meet with your district executive or come to the Blue Ridge Council office and turn in the completed Unit Settlement Receipt which will determine how much the unit should pay the council at that time. The Unit Tracking Sheets should also be turned in at this time so that top sellers can be entered into the grand prize drawings!

8. The sale officially ends on April 21 and in order to receive full commission, all accounts must be settled with the council by April 28, 2023. Units can settle at any time during the sale if they would like to pick up more Camp Cards to sell!